Awesome to eternal life

Bunch of kids and obviously, since they're yours, they're awesome. Completely, utterly, and utterly awesome except when they pitch the contents of their plate on the floor at 6:30 a.m. on Monday morning, but that's another story. And of course, because your kids are the most wonderful and beautiful on Earth and probably even in the Universe, you want them to be as stylish as possible in order to bring out their awesometitude. So, you got them an AWSM KIDS cap, that goes without saying. de soi.

Worse, you realized that your children, they were able to dirty that, them, a cap. Yep, without joke, a child is capable, although you don't know exactly how to turn a pretty hat into a terrible thing. So that your life as a mom has taught you to wash these hats. At the limit, you could let go and live with the fact that your children wear a hat that seems to have fought twice rather than once. However, you want them to be stylish to the max and for that, you need caps that stay beautiful and above all CLEAN.PROPRES.

Initially, you said that like your grade school friends would put it in the dishwasher, thank you good evening. HELLO BAD IDEA! A cap, while it looks sturdy and sturdy, it's still a hat made with fabric. So if you want her to keep her shape and all her style, you don't put her onmets OR in the dishwasher,OR in the washer,of course.

But there, dear parent addicted to the washing machine, I try to say to myself: So, quickly, tell me: what to do so that the cap of my mini remains clean!?! »

Well, here it is: you wash it by hand, like in the good old days! With hot water, a mild detergent and a small soft brush like toothbrush, you will be able to work miracles!les!

We mix a part of hot water in a part of very mild detergent Tse, the one you already use for the clothes of your mini awesome, we soak the brush and we gently rub the stains of the cap in small circular movements.ds.

Once the big stains have deserted said cap, you soak your towel in your water / soap mixture then you gently rub the inside and the outside of the cap before wiping it with another damp towel and allowing it to air dry. Worse if you put a small ball or something round in the cap while it dries for it to keep its shape you earn two more points!de plus!

I'll end with this: what could be nicer than a good swim on a hot summer afternoon, eh On the other hand, beautiful caps don't like chlorinated or salted water that much,e, just saying.

Ah, and if you want to avoid a crisis of your terrible two, go read thefull maintenance instructionss, you will have all the details so that your children's cap staysawesome to eternal life!